Thursday, 26 January 2012

Ring for a medieval lady

I've been casting bronze for just under a year now and have made a few little bronze rings in that time but until recently never in precious metals, I had some silver that I'd been wanting to use for a while so finally got round to my first lost wax casting in silver.

I'd made a model for a ring inspired by a detail from Robert Campin's portrait of A Woman C.1435. I admit that I played with the setting a little by giving it 4 cusps creating claws, I still plan to do a silver-gilt version that is utterly faithful to the painting when time allows.

Sterling silver set with amethyst, I worked the setting into cusped  claws.
Detail of Robert Campin's A Woman, the original painting is in the National gallery   

A second ring cast at the same time, waiting for me to make up my mind as to which stone and setting style I want to show!

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